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Julia Nikolaeva  |

Mortgage Specialist

Purchasing my first property in my twenties was an exciting experience, full of uncertainties and questions. My best decision at the time was placing my trust into a mortgage professional and allowing them to guide me. As the buyer, the heavy paperwork and application process was lifted off my shoulders by someone who understood my credit standing, respected my budget and cared about my personal goals. I had confidence that when it came time to open the doors of my own home, each part of the process was carefully examined and supported by my mortgage broker.


Being passionate about real estate for most of my life and acquiring my first property drove me to explore all of the opportunities this new asset presented to me. Aside from living more comfortably, and steadily growing return on my investment in the upward trending Canadian real estate market, I began to learn more about investment properties, home equity, mortgage ranks and property refinancing for personal goals. All fruitful financial tools that one can freely use to build wealth.

Acquiring your first property and managing this asset intelligently may allow you to grow financially and accelerate the speed in which you achieve personal goals. Purchasing a home can be much easier than you think, and tends to become progressively easier with each additional property you acquire. A licensed mortgage professional with an arsenal of market resources, an understanding of your goals and sharp knowledge of the industry will make it easy for you.

Through the prism of my mortgage expertise and personal experiences in real estate investment, I look forward to guiding you to your new home or income property and introducing you to the prosperous world of private mortgage investment.

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